Liquid World / Killing Time


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released December 15, 2013



all rights reserved


LUWUM Seattle, Washington

Music by Jesse W. Miller

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Track Name: Liquid World
There’s sweat on my thighs there’s water in my eyes today, I finally cried for You.
Or maybe for me my eyes they glisten like a gem. Without a friend, I fear the Alone
So I’m takin’ a couple days off sitting like a stone, there’s fat on all my Bones, and I don’t feel ok
The itch is unsolvable, the quiet in my mind is a joke
I’m down in a well and it’s raining still….

Sometimes I feel I’ve evaporated, still a part of the liquid world, but a Different scene, do you know how I mean?
It seems my love is exasperated, tired of comin’ up short in a fix so I’ll let it Be, not try to see what it means

It rained on my sister’s city, the glow it stayed behind, and I feel alright
Driving up north tomorrow, the wind is on my tail, and it dies away, and I Feel it all

There’s water in the shadows tonight. I’m walking with my father in Memphis alright
Civil rights, a city of lights
You called me for the death of a friend. Injustice within can bring us to the Bitter end.
But we can’t ask for death, we’re all scared of crying out loud, understand, It’s a liquid world. Why are you trying to land?
Track Name: Killing Time
I'm just killing time, running back and fourth between lies.
You're still showing up in my dreams, and unfortunate times won't allow for the death of your mind it's still beating out time

Flying out of town to forget about Denton, I'm down.
Trapped in different sound, the pools inside my ears drown, but I'm not going back I don't wanna get trapped in that stew.

I think I'm alone. I can't really tell. What does it matter? The form isn't real.

I'm just freaking out 'cause I don't feel comfortable yet.
Turn things upside-down and see how the mind can forget everything that you thought it had locked into place has come loose.

Your life's running swell, I can't stop fantasizing it still.
Thinking about your pain. Making up some to put in its place.
But it's all I can do, being nice doesn't work in my head.

I think I'm in love. I can't really tell. What does it matter? The form isn't real...